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Just reactions to books I read. I don't really summarize the book's content, because how hard is it to click on the cover and read the description?


So I just write my response.


Good post-apocalyptic romantic series

Broken World: Broken World, Book 1 - Kate L. Mary, Hillary Huber Shattered World - Kate L. Mary Mad World (Broken World) (Volume 3) - Kate L. Mary Lost World (Broken World Book 4) - Kate L. Mary, Emily Teng

You can pretty much feel the influence of the Walking Dead (especially in the character of the brothers, who might as well be called Daryl and Merle) but decent writing and characterization, along with a slow-burning romance make this a pretty compulsive read. 


The series isn't over yet (one more book due in December) and I hope it wraps up well. There are a couple of threads hanging out there that need to be tied up, but I'm willing to trust the author to get us there. 


A couple of things I really liked/didn't like: SPOILER-Y


I love the storyline with the heroine's daughter in the first book. I loved Viv's reaction to being a mother and her guilt for what happened to the girl. That ambivalence felt very real.


I really love Hadley's character, and I was a) glad to see that she and Viv became friends, rather than turning her into a spoiled selfish woman (as could have very easily been done, given Hadley's background.) On the other hand, I was sorry to see what happened to her in Las Vegas. I felt as if it had to happen to Hadley simply because the author didn't want it to happen to Viv (and the plot gymnastics she pulled to make sure it didn't happen to Viv would have earned a high score in the Olympics). But, dangit, SOMEONE had to be raped. So Hadley it was.


I'm not so sure that I like where Hadley's story is going now, but I'm holding off until the final book. Maybe I'll like how it turns out. Maybe not. For now, however, I'm enjoying the series and would recommend it to anyone who can ignore how much certain aspects of the books mirror The Walking Dead, and to those who enjoy a nicely developed romance. There's nothing new here, but what is here is entertaining and well written.