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Just reactions to books I read. I don't really summarize the book's content, because how hard is it to click on the cover and read the description?


So I just write my response.

Great protagonist; not a lot of suspense.

1222 - Anne Holt, Marlaine Delargy

I enjoyed this, for the most part. I loved the protagonist and her salty, anti-social tendencies. The mystery itself ... eh. I never really felt much tension or suspense, despite the claustrophobic setting, so the urgency of discovery was never there for me.


The parlor-room confrontation and reveal was fun. Everything else about the tone of the book felt very modern, and then there was that throwback scene. 


I'm torn about whether to go back and read earlier books in the series. On one hand, I did love this narrator. On the other, I know what happens to her...and I'm not sure I'm as interested in the Hanne prior to the shooting as much as I am to the Hanne I just met.